the add said free just pay 4.95 shipping then two weeks later i got charged 109.90! When I called they said that is in the add.

Really? I never saw it and it was not disclosed in the paperwork i received with the product either!!! i am pissed off to the max!!!! they won't refund the money.

I tried calling them back again to complain again but now they won't answer the phone. Just hang on the line for ever and then get a message for me to leave my number and they will call me back. ya right. i keep trying to get through but just get the same thing.

guess all their operators are talking to other pissed off customers with the exact same complaint. i hope somebody shuts this company down. maybe i'll get a class action law suit going against them.

i'm sure it can be done. keep an eye out because i'm sure it can be done and you can be part of it!

Monetary Loss: $109.

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I had the same problem except the company was Fresh Smoke in Fort Myers Florida. The ad said pay 4.95 for shipping and nothing about bil

Ing you down the line automatically. This is Fraud and Deception and nothing but a scam.


I had no problem with them. I read the fine print prior to ordering...

like it said, free TRAIL.... not free keep it... LOL. I called for my RA and they dropped $50 off the price and I said I would think about it and give me the RMA.

Then I emailed and asked them to reduce the price of the cartridges. They said they couldn't. I decided to keep it and told them I would at $49 but take me off the refill program. I ordered their 50 pack of cartridges and 3 pack of atomizers the next day.

Then I received an email telling me since I made the online order for supplies, they were waiving the $49 for the kit.

So what's the problem with the company? It seems the problem is with the buyers that are probably rude and din't read the instructions or call customer support to be sure of what the program was.


The # for direct e-cig 1(888) 217-9026


My husband ordered for the $4.95 and then charged $109.90. Apparently this is a trial offer for $4.95 s&h.

If product is NOT returned in 14 days a charge of $109.90 will be charged. I bank with B of A & called them they gave me the # for direct e-cig (888)217-9026. Call the # ask for a RMA # and adreess to send it to: 2338 Immokalee Rd. #419 Naples FL 34110.

I have my RMA # cancelled future shipments and they say they will refund all $109.90. We will see. Hope this helps.

I will comment again if this worked. Good luck



My comment is is about the same as most of the others. I did not see the requirement that stipulated that the product must be returned in 14 days or I that would be billed. When I called their customer service they said it was on the check out page where I gave my credit card information. I suspect that it was in the terms and conditions and I must admit that I checked the box without reading those terms. That is my fault.

I called e-cig customer service and was told that even if I returned the kit after the trial period it would not be accepted, but would be returned to me and I would still be billed $99.95. The customer service representative did offer a $50.00 credit to my card. I declined.

I called my credit union and was told that the billing couldn't be challenged because e-cig had, if even in the fine print, made the 14 day stipulation.

I called e-cig back (te. thetonis:the number is on their web site) and accepted the $50.00 credit. We shall see.

I was calm and reasonable through the conversations with customer service. The reps don't make policy and I feel sorry for them.

The fact e-cig would credit $50.00 indicates that 49.95 still gives a substantial profit. Like others I intend to contact the Florida BBB and the Florida Attorney General, perhaps a local TV station and also see if the feds are interested


Advertise free trial and no where did they say they would charge for product that i retured to them now they say we did get it. I hope they rot in H*ll


THE LIARS! I figured they would send a free trial, just pay shipping, in hopes that you order the filter cartridges from them. Got billed a couple weeks later for $109.90 for filter cartridges that they said I signed up for! When I spoke on the phone to them they said the terms and conditions were on the web site...at bottom...in very tiny print. NO ONE reads that when they are just considering something! When you click on to see if you want to sign up for FREE trial...there is NOTHING about paying $109.90 for cartridges to be shipped on a regular basis!!! Said absolutely free and satisfaction guaranteed!

I hope someone sues the heck out of these thieves!!!!

Signing up for monthly filter cartridges should have been plainly visible on the page so one could make a choice and not be TRICKED into this.

After much ado...the charge was removed by my credit card company. I just wonder how many poor suckers just go ahead and pay it??




I was told by them it was stated in the forth paragraph of the terms and conditions agreement. But I can't seem to find the web site with the $4.95 S&H starter kit to look at the terms, anymore. Go Figure!

to david Monterey, California, United States #590593

Exactly!!! No website even listed in confirmation email either!!! I didn't see it then when signing up and can't go back to find a site even now!


I tried the trial and understood that there is a trial period and an autoship 2 weeks afterwards. I got my autoship and canceled future shipments so that I may try it for a month.

It worked well and the customer service was satisfactory.

Compared to most Ecig companies, $100 is FAR LESS than what other companies charge for a complete starter kit AND a month's supply of cartridges. It's a great deal considering how well the product actually worked for me.


yes i had the same experience;i refuse to even try the product i am stuck with. now i find out the BBB gave them an "f' rating.

file a complaint with the florida attorney generals office. it won't get your money back but maybe they can stop them. i finally got someone on the phone(who was rude) to cancel further shipments.

i asked for a confirmation number and she said she would email to me-still waiting. i saw a notice of a possible class action and it said to contact jonathan@steelcitylawyers.com


I am furious at having been scammed!!! where did you find the 800 number?


Let me know if anyone has been successful in stopping this outfit. I also didn't see the fine print.

Seems that you would have to check a box to acknowledge reading it. I have placed a dispute with my credit card company and we'll see how far I get. Also they sent me TWO orders not one.

They did agree to refund the duplicate order when the phone person talked to someone in a couple of days. These people are the worst.


i just bought this i wish i had known before because i wouldnt have done so but thanks to all your complants when i get out of work this afternoon im going o pull all cash off my pre-paid card very happy i didn pay with my bank card thank you for this info


I was willing to try these e-cigs and the add said free just pay 4.95 shipping.Then if you like their product, you could purchase refills etc. The thing never really worked well so I just quit using it and threw it in a drawer.Now I get an overdraft statement from my bank saying I was overdrawn, so I called the bank and we went over the charges I had on my account, everything matched until we got to this one for49.67 it was from a toll free number.

No company name at all just the state it was from. So I called them boy was I hot under the collar. First it said thank you for calling customer service, still no company name, press 1 for english, which just ticked me off even more. So by the time they came on the phone I was really fuming, spoke very broken english when I asked to speak to an American rep they told me they were in America, when asked where they replied in Miami.

I ended up talking to a supervisor who told me they would refund my money and close the account. They also said they had been trying to debit my account since September for 99.00 but it kept coming back ISF, when checking back with my bank they had never tried to debit my account before this. I ended up cancelling my debit card and signing a statement at the bank to try and recover my money. In the mean time before i went to the bank I searched their phone number and came up with some other consumer complaints of them doing the same thing to others.

I actually found out that the company uses 4 different names and numerous toll free numbers. It ended up costing me the 49.67 plus 29.00 for the overdraft and 2.00 a day til my account balance equals at least 0 .

I am a single, disabled father raising his asperger's 8 year old daughter by myself and we are on a limited income. These people need to be stopped and the public informed of their scam.


I'm glad I'm not alone. What a scam!

If I had seen any mention of 14 days, I would've never attempted the free trial and there was no paperwork provided with the order. I was also promised a $50 refund but I'll believe it when I see it as they provided no confirmation number for the refund - "it's not our policy." They have NO policies!!!

I will also be contacting the FL BBB and Attorney General's office regarding their fraudulent and exploitative practices. They need to be stopped.


Exactly--same thing happended to me--Direct E Cigarettes is a scam--there was nothing in writing stating it was a trial period, etc!!!!! Received a bill for 109.90 also--when I called they said they could not put in a unauthorized reversal payment--they did agree to refund $50.00 and close the account...I plan on putting in a stop payment to this and see what happens!

There was noting in the packaging to this either....E-Cig is a scam!!!!!!!!!!!! They need to be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!


Direct e-cig is a scam i have called every other day since the first week i got it complaining an wanted to return...they say everytime a super visor will call me back hasnt happened yet 3 1\2 wks later, they dont answer emails and are rude and cocky on the phone!! i am goin to file in small claims, had to can cancel bank accout they keep charging for cartriges that I NEVER ORDERED...made sure i checked box to not have sent monthly!!! They suck an need to be shut down!!


I was also led to believe the Starter Kit was free. You just pay $4.95 S&H. Then, if you like their product, you could purchase refills etc but when I placed my first call to them I was informed "It is NOT a free kit only a free trial." Their business practices are VERY shady, misleading and questionable indeed.

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